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Pursuant to the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 and the Rules made there under, the unclaimed amount of dividends of financial years 1992-93 to 1999-2000 and 2003-04 to 2006-07 have been transferred to General Revenue Account of the Central Government / Investors Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) Account of the Central Govt., as the case may be.

Shareholders who have not claimed / encashed dividend for the financial years 2007-08 onwards, are requested to claim the same from the Company by submitting Application in the prescribed format (given below in downloadable format).

Pursuant to Section 124 (2) of the Companies Act, 2013 and Rules made there under, the details in respect of Unclaimed Dividend of following seven years is made available in the portable document format (pdf) files as shown in the last column of the following table. To verify the status of your Unclaimed Dividend, kindly click on file of particular year to view the details.

Kindly note the unclaimed dividend for the following years shall be due for transfer to IEPF on the dates given below:

Sr. No. Particulars of Dividend Dividend for Financial Year Date of Transfer to IEPF Unclaimed Dividend File(s) for viewing
1. 16th Dividend 2010-2011 30/10/2018 image  (787 KB)
2. 17th Dividend 2011-2012 28/10/2019 image  (865 KB)
3. 18th Dividend 2012-2013 28/10/2020 image  (928 KB)
4. 19th Dividend 2013-2014 27/10/2021 image  (1.1 MB)
5. 20th Dividend 2014-2015 26/10/2022 image  (929 KB)
6. 21st Dividend 2015-2016 25/10/2023 image  (973 KB)

To avoid incidence of fraudulent encashment of dividend warrants, Members are requested to intimate the Registrar and Share Transfer Agents of the Company, under the signature of the Sole/First holder, the following information, so that the Bank Account Number and Name and Address of the Bank can be printed on the Dividend Warrants:

  1. Name of Sole/First holder and Folio Number
  2. Particulars of Bank Account viz.
    1. Name of Bank and Branch
    2. Complete Address of the Bank with PIN Code number
    3. Account type, whether Savings or Current Account etc.
    4. Account number

If you have lost/misplaced your Dividend warrant and seek to obtain a duplicate dividend warrant then kindly execute the Letter of Indemnity on plain paper and submit to our RTA, at the address given below for further process and settle the matter.

Link Intime India Pvt. Ltd.

VADODARA – 390 015

Phone: 0265 – 3566768
Email: vadodara@linkintime.co.in

For Indemnity Bond to claim dividends of past seven years.

1Indemnity Unclaimed DividendImage   (344.19KB)
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