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1DRAFT - FORM MGT-7 Annual Return for F.Y.2023-24Image   (1.25MB)
2RPT Transaction – 2nd Half Year of FY 2023-24Image   (217.17KB)
3Notice of Postal Ballot dated 12.02.2024Image   (1.17MB)
4RPT Transaction – 1st Half Year of FY 2023-24Image   (999.36KB)
5Notice of Postal Ballot dated 16.11.2023Image   (692.75KB)
6FORM MGT-7 Annual Return for F.Y.2022-23Image   (11.10MB)
7Outcome of 38th AGMImage   (3.58MB)
838th AGM Notice.Image   (279.60KB)
9Business Responsibility Sustainability Report_F.Y. 2022-23Image   (526.75KB)
10FORM MGT-7 Annual Return for F.Y.2021-22Image   (3.72MB)
11Notice of Postal Ballot dated 15.06.2022Image   (746.64KB)
12Outcome of 37th AGMImage   (752.67KB)
13Notice of 37th AGMImage   (2.37MB)
14Notice of Postal Ballot dated 17.03.2022Image   (401.62KB)
15Outcome of 36th AGMImage   (1.30MB)
16Notice of 36th AGMImage   (231.53KB)
17Outcome of 35th AGMImage   (1.13MB)
1835th AGM NoticeImage   (269.89KB)
19Annual Return FY 2020-21Image   (931.06KB)
20FORM MGT-7 Annual Return for F.Y.2019-20Image   (4.21MB)
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