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CSR Activities at Vadodara & Renewable Locations


GIPCL is involved in CSR Activities at Vadodara as well as various locations in Gujarat wherein its Renewable Projects are located. The activities are done

  • Directly through department
  • Through Trust namely - Society for Village Development in Petrochemical’s Area (SVADES)

Society for Village Development in Petrochemical’s Area (SVADES)

GIPCL is committed to improving the socio-economic condition of the people and the environment in and around its projects and establishments. GIPCL has promoted a Trust at Vadodara for service to the society.

SVADES has been promoted in 1995 by nine companies, including GIPCL, in the Petrochemicals Complex. It is a voluntary, not-for-profit, rural development organization. It works in the areas of sanitation, approach roads, water supply, primary education, health, afforestation, income generation, community research and environmental education.

Thematic Focus

Program Projects  
Health Sanitation  
Education Resource & Equipment Infrastructure
Village Infrastructure Infrastructure  

Outreach at Vadodara

Vadodara Taluka, District Vadodara
01. Anagadh 02. Vakhatpura 03. Navapura 04. Ramgadh
05. Sinhhakui 06. Kirshnanagar 07. Dhanora 08. Rampura
09. Kotana 10. Koyali 11. Indiranagar 12. Undera
13. Sherkhi 14. Pirodnagar 15. Ankodiya 16. Karodiya
17. Nadesari      

Programs Undertaken


Improved health and knowledge on preventive health measures among individuals from marginalized groups through service delivery and creating awareness.


  • Individual Household Toilet - To improve sanitation infrastructure for individuals


Efforts to generate interest in education through various educational activities in the form of providing teaching aids, carrying out exhibitions, celebration of enrollment days etc. in program area villages

Infrastructure Support

  • Construction of schools / infrastructure within existing schools
  • Construction of multi-purpose sheds, toilets, compound walls, Recreation Park etc.

Resource & Equipment

  • To enhance education status among communities through customized need-based interventions
  • To provide facilities that are required for education of the children
  • To create facilities that are non-existent in the village schools
  • To improve existing infrastructures
  • To support school

Village Infrastructure Development

Creating infrastructure in the villages for the betterment of services and connectivity, including improved quality of life.

Community infrastructures

  • Creating sustainable Infrastructures
  • Easy access to health and access to other life enriching services
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